More uses for wet bags

Wet bags, at their heart, are a PUL laminated bag with a zipper (or two, depending on make and model). They can basically be used anytime you would normally use a plastic bag. But they're reusable and won't end up in a landfill! And let's not forget, much prettier than a plastic bag. At some point, we might think we have "enough" nappies and our children might toilet train but you can never have enough wet bags and you can never grow out of them. So sit down, grab a cup of tea and enjoy this creative (and sometimes funny) list of things **real** Bubblebubs mums use their wet bags for.


Let's start with the basics, the classics:

- Dirty nappies. The reason wet bags were invented. You're out and about and you need to put a dirty nappy somewhere, the wet bag is here for you. Wet bags are brilliant at keeping in smell so you can deal with "everything" when you get home.
- Swimmers. PUL is not waterproof it's water resistant. In the same way, an overly full nappy will leak, a wet bag with sopping wet swimmers will also leak. But give them a bit of squeeze and pop them in your wet bag and you'll be fine.
- Mini nappy bag. This works especially well with the double-pocket wet bags. You can put a couple of clean nappies and change time essentials in one pocket and use the other for dirty nappies and you've got a mini nappy bag.


Now let's get creative:

- Storing dirty clothes when you're out and about
- Breast pump parts. I used to pump at work and store the dirty pump parts in the front pocket when I was done pumping for the day.
- Spare shoes in the nappy or daycare bag
- Hanging on the back of the front car seats with vomit bags or toys in them. Depends how bad your day is going. ?
- Keep spare swimmers in the car in summer ‘just in case’ you find a pond or puddle of water and the kids NEED to get wet
- Keep a spare set of clothes in the car for you and baby in case of vomit, aforementioned puddles or any number of disgusting things that children do
- Toiletry transportation to and from the bathroom facilities at caravan/holiday parks
- "Emergency kit" for the glove box filled with first aid or emergency snacks. Depending what type of emergency you are prone to having ??‍♀️
- Kids toilet seat or potty
- Hanging wipes off the change table
- Stinky gym clothes
- Snacks
- Keeping sets of toys together (think themed animals, lego, blocks, doll clothes)
- Plane bag. After they make you stow your actual bag this is the set of toys or books to keep with you and use to take off or land while you can't access your bigger bag.
- Library bags
- Shopping at the markets, hang off the back of a pram and they're great for produce because they're washable.
- Picnics. Take your food and cutlery and whatever else to the picnic and then store your rubbish after the picnic until you can throw it away.
- Colouring book and pencils when you go out
- Bottles ready to go or dirty when you're feeding out and about. Again double pocket bags are great for taking our clean and then moving the used to a new pocket.
- Toiletries bag
- Electronics. When you travel store your chargers and headphones.
- Dirty shoes on the way home from a trip
- Bath toys when you travel and they're not quite dry.
- Creams and suncream
- Makeup bag
- Hair ties and brush for daycare
- Harvesting in the garden

XL wet bags

- A couple of days worth of dirty nappy storage if you're travelling with cloth.
- Laundry when travelling
- Hanging in the nursery to keep dirty nappies in. (This works for some people but if you find you're having any smell issues try switching to an open dry pail with lots of airflow, like a laundry basket)
- Laundry hampers for clothes. This is great in yours of kid's room if you're short on space because it just hangs off the back of something else.


Mini Wet Bags:

- Taking out cloth wipes, pre-wet or dry
- Baby's medicine. Keeping all those syringes with the right medicine! It's easy to grab and put in a handbag or pass to Daddy/Grandma/Grandpa/daycare provider or whoever has the baby that day.
- Bibs when you're out and about (dirty or clean)
- Keep cup. Either hanging off the pram full (careful but it does work well) or when you’re done keep the dirty one in there so the last drops don't spill everywhere.
- Valuables at the beach or pool
- Dummies. Hang it off the cot (on the outside so it doesn't fall in) or change table so they're easy to find in the middle of the night.
- Hanging your phone and keys off the back of the pram for walks
- Mini wallet. Keep cards, gum, panadol etc when you don’t want to carry a big wallet or handbag