Washing and Care

How To Wash And Care For Your Cloth Nappies

Remove Solids.

Drop any solids in the toilet and put the cloth nappies in the extra-large wet bag that comes with The Cloth Nappy Box. Zip it up, and all smells are contained. (wet bags replace plastic bags)



Wash every 1 to 2 days. Wash the nappies the same as you would wash your clothes. Except, set your washing machine to do a pre-wash. If your washing machine does not have a pre-wash setting, wash the nappies on the shortest setting (15 - 30 min), then do a regular wash with the recommended amount of detergent at 40 to 60 degrees. Cold is ok if they design your detergent for it.

Do not use a detergent with fabric softeners or whiteners as they leave a residue in the nappy.

This is also a good practice with anything touching your baby’s skin. Babies reacting to residue left after washing clothes is a common occurrence.


Dry The Nappies.

Avoid putting the PUL covers and Candie shells in the dryer, as this shortens the life of the elastic. It’s ok if you must, but the Candie and PUL covers can and will last multiple children, if you are careful, you can cloth nappy all your children without spending more money. Three is the record. Let me know if you break that.

Note: the absorbency of the boosters increases over the first 5 to 10 washes. You also notice that the boosters will shrink by about 10%. They are milled and made this way. That’s why the inserts are bigger when you get them. You will also notice the absorbancy increase at the same time.


Before First Use.

We recommend all nappies are washed before use, following the above instructions.

We have also found some places charge for washing instructions. Do not pay for cloth nappy washing instructions. We, as the manufacture, are happy to help if you need extra help.