Candie All In Two Cloth Nappy

The Candies are a one-sized fits most side-snapping cloth nappy. They fit from around 3.5kg to 15kgs. Choose from either a Minky or PUL outer shell in fashionable colours and limited edition prints. 

Inside the nappy, you’ll find a snap in trifold and lay in booster, both made from super-absorbent high-quality materials. 

The Candie is Australia’s most awarded all-in-two cloth nappy. It is a hard-working, reliable and reusable nappy.

Brook showing how Bubblebubs Candie cloth nappy fits during the first year of his life.

Grows with Your Child

Candies are a One Sized cloth nappy and were designed to fit from 3.2kg to 15kg. This means that you do not need to purchase differently sized nappies, saving both your money and the environment.

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three babies all in cloth nappies green orange and yellow

Adjustable Absorbency

Each Candie comes with 2 inserts. The Tri-fold with a stay dry layer and the booster for when they get older and wee more. The booster folds in half and placed where the child wets the most. Front for boys and middle for girls. When you are using the Tri-fold and booster, you have 12 layers of absorbent bamboo, which is super thirsty!

A toddler is standing on a path looking to the side, waring a green Bubblebubs Candie cloth nappy.

Easy To Use Side Snapping Nappy

The Candie has 2 rows of snaps on each side. This is the secret to why the Candie does not need confusing rise snaps. This is also the reason you get a great fit every time. The top snap gives you a good tummy fit and the bottom snap gives you a great leg fit. This keeps everything contained.

Toddler running in a blue Bubblebubs Candie cloth nappy. You can see the reusable nappy is handling the job with style.

Highly Absorbent, Naturally Breathable

Because our nappy fabrics are custom milled for us to our high standards. The fabric shrinks and becomes more absorbent the older it gets. We made the boosters from 450gsm bamboo fleece. So fewer changes compared to other cloth nappies.

Animation of how the Bubblebubs Candie cloth nappy is assembled. All the parts of the nappy are shown coming together. Try-Fold, Booster and the shell of the reusable nappy.

The Candie Comes Apart For Quick And Easy Washing And Drying

Candie’s comes in 3 parts. Outer cover, we call the shell. The Tri-Fold which features the stay dry layer. The booster you can place where your baby wets the most. Then they come apart, making it easy to wash as all the parts separate for easy washing, making it easy to get them clean and dry fast.

Animation showing the Bubblebubs Candie Cloth Nappy does not need front snaps. The side snaps are all you need to keep your baby comfortable and dry.

The Candie Shell

We specifically designed the nappies to grow with your baby. We made them from soft polyester PUL or super soft milky laminated with PUL and with an inner layer made from smooth soft suede cloth.

Animation of how the try-fold folds in three parts to fit inside the Bubblebubs Candie cloth nappy.

The Candie Tri-fold

The snap-in 2 layer trifold has a suede cloth panel in the centre which helps keep your baby dry. The snaps keep it in place when changing a wiggly baby. And it’s made from 450gsm bamboo so it will soak up the biggest wee’s.

Animation of how the Candie booster fits inside the Bubblebubs Candie cloth nappy to give the best absorbency.

The Candie Booster

There is an additional 3 layer lay in booster. The booster is folded in half and positioned exactly where it is needed. Giving you control to make sure the absorbency is right where it needed the most. And again the booster is made from 450gsm bamboo fleece.

A very happy toddler is lying on a blanket, showing off the blue Bubblebubs Candie cloth nappy he is wearing.

12 Layers Of Absorbency When Using The Trifold And Booster

When you are using both the Tri-fold and booster, you have 12 layers of super absorbent bamboo with a stay dry layer, keeping baby comfortable and dry for longer.

Baby lying on a white blanket with an Australian flag waring a blue Bubblebubs Candie cloth nappy.

Two Rows Of Side Snaps For A Snug Leg And Tummy Fit

The best part about our Bubblebubs Candies is the 2-row side snap configuration. It is this configuration that allows the nappy to fit comfortably on the smallest baby right through to the chunkiest of toddlers.

The 2 rows of snaps allow for a great fit around the legs and the waist which will ensure that everything is contained. It also means there are no rise snaps to adjust making it the easiest one size cloth nappy on the market to use.

Toddler chasing a beachball with the Australian flag in a peach-coloured Bubblebubs Candie cloth nappy on a beach.

Easy To Put On, Hard For Little Ones To Pull Off

We made the snaps to be hard to remove. So little ones can not take the nappy off. Trust us, this is a big deal.

Confident toddler waling a path with his stick, boots and Bubblebubs Candie cloth nappy. Nothing is going to stop him from having a good time

No Confusing Rise Snaps!

This side snapping nappy does not need rise snaps to get rid of extra fabric. This reusable nappy molds to the shape of your baby. Giving it a trim look all the way to toilet training.