Cloth Nappy Myths and FAQ

What is the difference between PUL Candie and Minky Candie?

It’s the feel of the outer cover of the nappy. PUL is a smooth fabric and Minky is a soft fabric. More information in this video.

Are Cloth Nappies Hard?

Once you start, you will agree it’s not. But yes, you spend a bit of time washing. Most people who use cloth nappies comment to me they are not doing less washing after their child stops using cloth nappies. They are still washing a mountain of clothes because kids are messy, no matter what nappy they use.
This is not one of those things that if it was easy, everyone would do it. It is easy and everyone is doing it.

Will I Need A Night Nappy?

Yes, well maybe. Before your baby is born, we do not know. We will not know until your baby is about 6-months-old and you can tell us his or her sleeping habits. We make our own night nappy, but unlike the nappies in this box does not suit all babies. This is the reason we do not put one in the box, as it may never be used. When you are needing a nappy that is made to work over night we recommend your contact Nest Nappies. They have our night nappy plus a wonderful selection or other brands, all made for individual circumstances.
Have a talk to the people at next nappies and they will work out which nappy is best for you.

Will Meconium Poo Stain My Cloth Nappies?

No, Meconium poo is your baby’s first few poo's. It is black and sticky (yes I touched it). But it washes out like all future poo's.

Why Use A Newborn Cloth Nappy?

Thinking of trying modern cloth nappies with your new bundle of joy? While many mums and dads choose to start their cloth nappy journey after settling in at home, lots of others are keen to reduce their environmental impact right off the bat. If you think about it, an average newborn can need up to 12 nappy changes a day. In the first 3 months, that’s over 1,000 nappies taking a one way trip to the tip, which is where they will remain long after you and your baby have gone. 

My Friend Tried Cloth Nappies And She Said She Waisted Her Money And Stated Using Disposables

Just like every product on the market today, there are poor copies. Most of the time you can tell the difference by the price. One of the best ways is by reviews, but not the reviews on their website. Look at sites like product review and Google. Also, be aware of review sites. Most of these sites earn their money by charging the companies to be on their website. If you are not sure, look at the fine print in the article. They have to let you know the content is an ad.
We covered this subject in our podcast, Nappy Leaks. (link needed)